Volcano Child - A YA Novel in Progress by Candy Gourlay
Two weeks ago, Mouse decided to dig his way to London.

24 March 2007


Darling Mouse, Bowow wouldn’t like the giraffe but I think you would. It has long, long legs and a long, long neck. I don’t have to go into the zoo to see the giraffe because I can see them over the wall, they are so tall. Love, Mother

Excerpt from Volcano Child

I found out from my friend Anita Loughrey's blog that it was World Poetry Day on 21 March. Funny that — because I wrote a poem on that day. This is for all the children separated from their mothers, and sorely missed, whether by force of circumstance or by design, but especially for my son Anton, born on 22 March 1993, who died at five months old, a cot death.


Cherry blossoms cling
Like fat snow flakes
To the trees
Just like the time
You came to me.

People march
Up and down
Down and up
Busy as the time
You came to me

Life’s promises
Some granted
Hopes, some unmet
Still dreaming like the time
You came to me

I celebrate
Joy still singing
Life unquenched
Heart warm
And you, my son,

On Anton’s 14th birthday
22 March 2007