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17 January 2008

People In the News - Real People

The news about the Kabul hotel bombing on Monday looked like just another bombing.

News reporting makes death and destruction so routine.

But I was horrified when I read this eyewitness account in my friend Steve's blog.
I looked at my car, I couldn't believe what I saw. Blood, guts, black marks from the bomb blast everywhere. The Land Cruiser from behind was filled with bullet holes. The 2nd suicide bomber had detonated himself 5 meters away from the car once he got inside and his finger ended up in the back of my Land Cruiser, and his thumb was on my dashboard. I peered inside the back of the Land Cruiser through the broken glass and saw the finger. I am not at all accustomed to seeing those types of gruesome items up-close. It was pretty damn disgusting. The lack of respect for their lives was proven in this heinous crime.
Among those killed were a Filipina girl manning the gym reception, an American on a treadmill, several hotel workers, and some security guards - apart, of course from the attackers themselves.

As an ex journalist I can tell you - these people you read about in the news?

Well, they're people with jobs and things to do and lives to live. Real people.



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